Tara & Denise

[Spoilers!] Tara and Denise – Queer/Lesbian Stories On Straight TV – In this video I’m talking about the lesbian characters and relationships on The Walking Dead. I’m mostly focusing on Denise and Tara but am also mentioning Alisha.

(Don’t watch if you haven’t seen season 6 and don’t want to be spoiled. Also don’t watch if you haven’t watched season 3 of The 100 and don’t want to be spoiled (in case you weren’t already spoiled.) Also there are some comic spoilers about Denise.).

Denise and Tara have the sweetest relationship. Being gay isn’t a big deal to them or the people they interact with. Let’s hope Tara will survive a long time and will get a new love interest at some point. :)

Questions: Were you upset by Denise’s death? And what was your favorite scene between Tara and Denise? Curious about your opinions! :)

My new YouTube + Video Marketing Blog

Most of the time I post YouTube videos on this blog. Today I want to share with you another link that is YouTube related: my new blog whyvideoisgreat.com, where I talk about video & YouTube marketing.

What’s the background? I can give you a little bit of the story:

When I started my YouTube channels two years ago, it took me quite a while to figure out everything. And even though I had a background in digital marketing and SEO, I hadn’t come across much information about video marketing online. While you find in-depth posts with 10,000 words about SEO, most YouTube marketing articles are fairly shallow. If I hadn’t had years of experience in SEO and online marketing, it would have probably taken me a lot longer to grow my channels.

After joining a few YouTube communities, I also realized that many YouTube beginners had questions that were fairly easy for me to answer. Producing good videos is hard enough – and wrapping one’s head around marketing can be even more confusing.

That and the desire to write more about marketing topics led me to create this new blog. I’m sharing what I’ve learned in the last two years of my YouTube career but also what I’ve learned in the last 9 years in the world of online marketing.

So if you have your own a YouTube channel or are planning to create your own videos, check it out! There are plenty of free video marketing resources as well.

The Walking Dead: Deanna Monroe Tribute

This is a tribute for Deanna Monroe from The Walking Dead who died in season 6 episode 8. Originally I had planned to create a funny supercut, then it became a melancholic tribute with a story itself.

Creating this edit was an interesting experience because it really made me aware of how much Deanna changed through season 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead. She really had a beautiful story and beautiful message to share.

I’ve used the original music from season 6 episode 8 that was playing through her death scene (and the last scenes of the midseason finale). Unfortunately the track hasn’t been released without the zombie noises – but if it ever will, I will reupload the video.

5 Free LGBT Webseries


Hi, I’m Anna from WhyStuffIsGreat. And today I want to present to you 5 LGBT webseries that you can watch for free.

Her Story

Her Story starts out as a story about lesbian journalist Allie who wants to write a piece about the transgender community and approaches Violet, the only transgender woman she knows, for an interview. Soon we realize that there’s a spark between them and a heartwarming love story develops. At the same time Violet’s friend Paige also meets a new love interest. As she’s transgender, too, she’s struggling with the question when she should come out to her potential new boyfriend. Her Story is beautifully executed with intriguing three dimensional characters and wonderful on-screen chemistry. Although the webseries also dives into darker topics such as domestic abuse and discrimination, the web series has a beautiful hopeful undertone. As soon as I had watched the last episode, I wished that there’d be more already.

The 3 Bits

The 3 Bits is a webseries about 3 siblings: Henry is a gay college student who’s trying to have a good time in the gay world. For example by not getting murdered by his date or by convincing his friend to arrange a sex party for him. Roman, his gay sister, has just started her own gardening business – after quitting a promising career as a weed dealer – which is getting her into trouble. Madison, the third sibling, is a mommy blogger who creates the most hilarious AMSR vlogs. The 3 Bits is an extremly creative webseries with loveable, hilarious characters and a lot of variety. What’s interesting about The 3 Bits is that the stories of the 3 characters can be watched independently from each other. That means you can watch all the stories or just the ones that seem interesting to you in whichever order you like.


The web series Brothers tells the story of four transmasculine men in Brookyln. Jack has recently started dating a cisgender man after being exclusively with women for his entire adult life. Davyn is about to propose to his long term girlfriend. Aiden is still raising money for his top surgery and is pre-testosterone. And Max has been on testosterone for a long time but is struggling to finance his top surgery. Brothers is a slow-paced and thought-provoking web series with likeable characters and intruiging storytelling. Since stories about trans men are extremely underrepresented it is also pretty refreshing and I hope we’re going to see more projects like that in the next few years. If you like the show, head over to their website, too, to support the development of future seasons.


Kelsey is a webseries about… Kelsey… and her friends. Kelsey is gay, awkward, humorous and talkative. Very talkative. She just ended her long term relationship with a girl named Shane and is looking for someone new. Of course, it takes a lot of awkward dates to find love. Thankfully, Kelsey’s friends are extremely supportive even though they might not like all of her dates. Thanks to the many side characters, the webseries offers a lot of variety and fun in its 10 episodes. At the end of the series, I wished I could hang out friend with Kelsey’s friends because they seemed totally awesome.

The Peculiar Kind

The Peculiar Kind is a documentary series that focuses on the lives of young queer people of color. The series explores many topics that usually don’t get attention from the mainstream media, such as homelessness among queer people of color, gender roles, discrimination and queers in the media. Eventhough the topics are serious, The Peculiar Kind is an entertaining watch thanks to the many unique personalities who are featured. The episodes are up to 22 minutes long and are beautifully shot and edited. The series was also made into a documentary film that is available for public sceening.

If you’re looking for more LGBT representation, also check out these two videos I created. If you have any more suggestions for LGBT webseries, let me know in the comments. I found that most LGBT webseries are either strictly lesbian or strictly gay, so I’m especially looking for suggestions that go beyond these terms.
Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.